How to stay Warm while building a Snowman

by Jim Watson November 17, 2017

While outside building your "Best Snowmen Ever" it's important to dress properly, keep warm and most of all have lots of fun.

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The cold arctic air we get in some states during winter has sent some people reaching for their wool socks and a bowl of soup, while others bundle up and put on a pair of gloves and head outside to build snowmen. Whether the cold and snow are your friend or foe, these five tips will help keep you warm and enjoy the perfect snowfall for your snowman.  

1. Dress properly for your activity

If you’re watching the kids build snowmen, or heading down the trail for a hike, the key to staying warm is all about choosing clothes that suit your level of activity. You don't want to overheat, that's just as bad as being under heated, try to find the right combination of clothing layers that suits you. 

Standing around outside means you’re creating less blood flow and are probably best to wear heavier clothing. Snowman builders, however, should wear layered clothing that regulates body temperature until they eventually heat up.

2. Add or remove layers as your temperature changes

The warm and expensive puffy coat you bought to be indestructible against winter may be doing you a disservice. It's best to have a layered approach so you can always adjust your temperature, whether inside or outside. Start with a base, such as long underwear, and then add a few mid-layers topped with a water-proof or wind-proof shell jacket. Something that manages the moisture will keep you well insulated, and give you a consistent temperature. This keeps the elements out as you can adjust accordingly.

3. Avoid cotton clothing

We all probably have memories of laying out a drenched pair of cotton socks to dry after a long day of playing in the snow. Avoid cotton material because it doesn't dry fast and can actually pull heat away from you. A lot of wool hats are being sewn with a fleece liner, which adds a bit of a barrier and stops the wind from cutting through.

4. Keep your extremities warm

A good idea for staying warm always start with your extremities, like hands, feet, and heads. There are some great looking boots you can buy that don't help as they aren't insulated properly.  If you have waterproof boots that have a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, that will make a big difference in keeping some of the wet out. A pair of ear muffs is always a good idea, mitts are always better than at keeping hands warm than finger gloves.

5. Make sure you eat properly

Eat breakfast in the morning, but especially when it's cold outside. If you're eating, it helps get your metabolism going, and it helps keep your heat going. Not eating before going outside can make you susceptible to the cold.

Jim Watson
Jim Watson

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