Give a Unique Experience Gift for Christmas

by Jim Watson November 24, 2017

Summer is over, and that means we are heading towards Christmas; the most anticipated holiday season of 2017. Christmas will be here in just a couple of months with all its festivities, twinkling houselights, Christmas trees, and the never-ending struggles to find unique Christmas gifts.

We all know that accepting gifts and reciprocating this with a sweet gift or gesture is the soul of Christmas day. This means that we need to buckle up and start searching for thoughtful Christmas gifts for our dear ones. But this season, don’t just 'go with the flow'. If you are still unsure about the Christmas gift that you should buy, then Gifts of Experience can be a great idea to explore.

Experience Gifts Are the Latest Gift Trend

According to current research studies, people are more pleased with experiences as compared to material goods. Taking your wife or mother on a food tour or cruise dinner with a beautiful ambiance, music, and sightseeing will be a source of more pleasure in the long term as compared to any material thing. The reason being is that an individual tends to reminisce and miss the moments and chatters that one had in the past, rather than remembering things.

A thrilling skydiving experience would be more exciting for your kid rather than spending big bucks on a new expensive watch. Finding a thoughtful and unique Christmas gift for family, friends or kids can be a dreaded task. But experience gifts can help you to make an easier choice.

Why Should You Buy an Experience Gift?

Instead of the traditional gift-giving rituals, technology has come so far that you can now go the extra mile to make your loved ones happy by choosing an experience gift online for them. These types of gifts are not meant to be wasted in the closets or worn only a couple of times in a year. These are the gifts that are well-spent and graciously taken. Experience gifts are also a great way of pampering someone and thanking them for their endless love and care.

Perhaps it’s not just you who has thought of buying an experience gift for loved one. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 22% of shoppers planned to spend money on a “gift of experience.” This makes almost two in five millennials who are inclined towards buying experience-based gifts.

Experience Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

Mostly because of gifts, Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays for almost everyone. But Christmas is not just about receiving gifts! Sometimes the material things are not enough. That’s when you can offer a lasting memory for someone who you adore. If you have already started thinking of buying an experience gift for your dear ones then here are some amazing Experience Gift Ideas that you can choose from:

Buying Experience Christmas Gifts for Women

Spending quality moments together can be a thoughtful gift for your spouse. You may want to tell your spouse how deeply you are in love with her, and how every moment that you have spent together has been worth it. 

  • Instead of finding an expensive gift for Christmas, you can surprise your wife with a fine dining experience in a luxury yacht. A dinner cruise or scenic cruise for sightseeing is fun and worth remembering.

  • Christmas can bring in a lot of stress for your lady. How about pampering her with a calming spa session to rejuvenate skin and body or a hot stone massage for relaxing the body and to help rid of residual Christmas stress.

Buying Experience Christmas Gifts for Men

Usually, men are more practical than emotional. So, if your man is not emotive or receptive to material gifts then try out an experience gift this Christmas. You can choose a practical gift for him; something that is of his interest such as: 

  • Some men are crazy about cars. If your man is manic about car races, then race car driving would be the best Christmas gift that he could ever dream of getting.

  • A hot air balloon ride can also be an enthralling experience to remember. You can buy a hot air balloon ride gift card for your father, brother, son or husband to surprise him with an adventurous ride.

  • If your man loves fishing, then send him on a fishing experience to his favorite spot. He will remember this gift for the rest of his life.

Buying Experience Christmas Gifts for Friends

You may want to thank that special friend who always stood beside you in your difficult times. If she or he has a craze for driving cars then how about gifting them a car racing experience? 

Buying Experience Christmas Gifts for Parents

You may have a loving family member to whom you want to tell how important they are. You may want to share your thoughts, your regrets, but you always hesitate to show your real side. Experience Gifts can be a true reflection of how deeply you love and care about your loved ones.

Ever thought about how to share such untold emotions with your parents that you never expressed verbally? Don’t just keep them with you. Show that you love your parents and know what they love to do the most.

You can also gift your parents a guided city tour to their favorite destination that they have planned to visit for years but never were able to do it. Make their wishes come true this Christmas.

Experience Gifts for Kids

You may want to tell your kids that they make you proud all the time. This Christmas would be the best way to tell your kids how much you appreciate their hard work and success. Now you can surprise your kids with some great experience gifts, such as:

  • Flying a helicopter or a jet. Now you can fulfill their dreams, this Christmas. “Learn to fly” is a great experience gift for someone who loves being up in the sky and heights. Flying a helicopter, glider, jet, biplane and more would be an unforgettable experience.
  • If your son or daughter loves sailing then consider enrolling them in a course to help them learn to sail. This would be a truly memorable experience for them.

Don’t forget to explore more unique experience Christmas gift ideas from our sponsor.

Jim Watson
Jim Watson

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