Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

by Jim Watson December 06, 2017

Ideas for Last Minute Christmas GiftsWhile October and November seem to crawl by, December whooshes past like a flurry. Before you know it, the holidays are here, and you still have tons of loved ones to find Christmas gifts for. If you’ve procrastinated finding the perfect presents for your friends and family, don’t panic. Choose one of these last-minute Christmas gifts, and you might even have time leftover to lounge in fuzzy pajama pants and sip hot cocoa.

1. Experiences Worth Sharing

One of the best Xmas gift types in 2017 just happens to be one of the easiest to purchase last-minute. Experience Gifts range from relaxing spa days to exciting race-car driving. Consider gifting a guided city tour for the son who just graduated high school and is looking at colleges in another state. Or perhaps gift a “Learn to Fly” experience for the adrenaline junkie in your family. Experience Gifts make excellent last minute Christmas Gifts, just buy and print out the coupon.

2. Vacations to Remember

Gifting a vacation is the best way to get back to the meaning of Christmas — spending time with family. Plan a road trip across a few neighboring states and sing Christmas carols along the way. Or plan a vacation with your best friend to a theme park to play like kids again. The best part is that theme-park tickets and vacation spots in 2017 can be booked last-minute without any trouble.

3. Clubs and Subscriptions

Remember the thrill of ripping open presents on Christmas morning? With Subscriptions to Clubs, you can gift that feeling monthly. With a few clicks, you can send your cheese-a-holic pal a “Cheese of the Month” club, featuring hand-cut artisan cheese. Or, gift your chocolate-fiending friend a “Chocolate of the Month” club, featuring unique cacao blends. Need a unique last minute Christmas Gift, clubs are great chooses, in fact most receivers say its the best Christmas Gift they every received. 

4. Ready-to-Go Recipes

Have an extended family member that raves over your cooking? Make the perfect last-minute Christmas gift by purchasing the ingredients, putting them in a festive basket, and writing a recipe card. Don’t have a favorite recipe? Choose an easy one that will please a crowd, like Christmas Cookies or brownies.

5. Handmade Cards

Never underestimate the handmade card. Although simple, a so-so Xmas present is transformed into a thoughtful one with the tiny addition of a handmade Christmas card. And you don’t have to be Picasso to make a masterpiece. Just ensure that you write something from the heart — whether it’s a poem, a quote or a simple note.

6. Customized Photo Gifts

This last-minute Christmas gift is much better than tacky last-minute Christmas keychains and fuzzy socks. While a Customized Photo Gift, such as a hangable print for the office or a picture pillow, might seem time-consuming, it in fact usually takes only up to 10 days to produce and ship once you’ve submitted your photo. This type of present is perfect for friends and family alike, but grandparents would especially cherish a photo gift of their grandchildren.

7. Handcrafted Coupons

An old-favorite, handcrafted coupons are both last-minute and thoughtful. Use a Christmas Coupon Template, or make your own from construction paper, markers and other craft supplies. Choose meaningful coupon ideas, such as the ones that follow, make great last minute Christmas Gifts.

  • For a significant other: one free massage
  • For kids: one day at the waterpark plus an ice-cream cone
  • For grandparents: five free lawn-mowings
  • For friends with kids: two free babysitting nights

Christmas is about spending time with your friends and family, not stressing out over presents. This year, even if you forget to Christmas shop until it’s almost too late, there’s no reason to spend hours wandering Walmart. Instead, try out one of these last-minute Christmas ideas everyone will love.

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Jim Watson
Jim Watson

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