Unique Gifts for Christmas 2017

by Jim Watson November 22, 2017

Unique Gifts for Christmas 2017 Shared Experiences
What do you get the person on your list that seems to have everything already? How do you find some unique gifts for Christmas this year? Gifting a shared experience is the perfect solution. But, while a gift card to your local restaurant might qualify as a shared experience, try thinking bigger to see the biggest Christmas smile.

For example, can you imagine how your husband’s face might light up if he got to drive his favorite exotic car? Or perhaps if you surprised your kids with a zip-line adventure through the forest? Keep your recipient’s interests in mind, and they’re sure to treasure any unique shared experiences you gift them this Christmas.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Getting a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate for Christmas is OK, but can you imagine getting these items delivered to your door monthly? Subscriptions and clubs make every month feel like Christmas in 2017. 

This unique gifts for Christmas are especially fantastic if you have an idea of what your gift recipient likes, but you aren’t sure about exactly what type. For example, if you know your boss loves beer, but you aren’t quite sure if he’s more of a porter or a pale-ale guy, a beer-of-the-month club will give him a variety to try. He might even have a few new favorites after his subscription!

Reminders From Loved Ones

Reminder gifts are similar to memory gifts, but instead of making your recipient feel Christmas nostalgia, it reminds them how much they’re loved now. A unique reminder gift can be as simple as a Christmas card signed by the entire family, but the best reminder Xmas presents are pictures and prints of their loved ones you took in 2017. That way, even when Mom is stressed-out between meetings, she can look up at the family print in her office and remember how she’s loved.

Christmas Vacations

If you’re trying to have a minimalist Christmas in 2017, skip out on the physical presents and plan a unique family trip, instead. Disneyland, Disney World, and other theme parks are always family-favorites, but relaxing vacations to warm faraway destinations, such as Mexico or Key West, are also great Christmas getaways. 

Excited to plan a family trip, but worried about expenses? Travel somewhere local, like to a nearby ski resort or national park. If you want to gift future experiences, such as a summer camping trip, give “hint gifts,” such as a tent, flashlight and sleeping bags to see if your family can guess where they’ll be going soon. Your family will look back at the memories during this holiday and say it was the most meaningful unique gift they received for Christmas back in 2017.

Gifts That Make Life Easier

While iPads and other technologies make for luxurious Christmas gifts, they often take time away from the family. Instead, gift unique presents that make life easier, thus freeing up time. 

High-quality cookware and tools make for great time-saving gifts. For example, if Dad spends an hour chopping tomatoes that smoosh under his knife, not only will he be frustrated, but also he’ll have wasted extra time that could’ve been spent with the family. A high-quality knife set that could slice through the tomatoes with ease would be well-received Christmas Gift

Another perfect example is a robot vacuum or mop. Did you know that women spend, on average, 8.14 hours per week cleaning the house, according to New Shopper? Unique Christmas gifts such as a robot vacuum or mop could give hours back to moms and dads — hours they can spend with their family.

Your Time

While you’ll find physical gifts for Christmas and vacations at the top of most people’s lists this season, there’s one thing they’ve been craving but haven’t asked for more time with you. Whether you give an hour of your time this winter to play a card game with the family or to go on a long walk to see the Christmas lights, extra family time is indispensable

The greatest part? You can pair these Unique Gifts for Christmas to any of the gifts above to make for a Christmas that’s unforgettable in 2017. 

View our Unique Gifts for Christmas Best of List.

Jim Watson
Jim Watson

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