Advent Calendars with Secret Boxes

by Jim Watson November 10, 2017 2 Comments

Christmas is a special time, and we often look back at our childhood Christmas years with fondness. Advent Calendars were a part of these special years, when we all looked forward to opening the doors in search of the chocolate that was hidden behind. It’s important to continue these traditions, as they’re essential to building family memories.

 Wooden Advent Calendars

Ideas for Advent Calendars with Boxes

There are so many options these days for advent calendars - the wooden Advent calendars are just one option. One of the best things about these festive advent calendars is that you can use them for years to come. For holidays to come, kids will look forward to the unveiling of this Christmas decoration. In addition to looking lovely, your advent calendar also has secret compartments, which you can hide special presents in daily. You could even choose a different theme each year. Check out the list below to get some ideas about what you could hide in your own boxes:

  • Christmas clipart (Just Google some images to use!)
  • Christmas art cut up from last year's Xmas cards
  • Christmas jokes for kids
  • Festive daily recipes including photos
  • Xmas cookie cutters
  • Tickets to a holiday concert
  • Christmas quotes, like carol lyrics or a bible verses
  • Exciting messages for your children, such as, “Picking up the tree today,” or “Going to look at Christmas lights tonight!”
  • Handmade family “coupons”
  • Christmas “challenges” for children
  • Winter candy treats
  • Xmas treasure-hunt clues
  • Miniature toys, knick-knacks, and puzzles
  • Small chocolates

Use your imagination, and mix up what you put in the boxes each day. The kids will be full of excitement each time they open one of the advent calendar doors.

Start a tradition today and create memories that will last a lifetime. For Advent calendar with secret wooden boxes, I recommend using one of the products below.


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Are there Advent Calendar That Kids can Play With?

If you would like to create an advent calendar for younger children that they can play with in December, we suggest using this Fabric Advent Calendar from Amazon and adding toys to it. Hang it low on the wall so they can pull the toys in and out of the pockets. The playmobil Royal Ice Skating Trip is a great choice for a set of toys that cover the countdown to Christmas, pull the toys out of the cardboard box and place them into the cloth calendar.

Jim Watson
Jim Watson

2 Responses

Jim Watson
Jim Watson

November 13, 2017

Claire, I’ve answered your question “Advent Calendar that kids can play with” at the bottom of the article. Thanks for the question.

Claire Hunter
Claire Hunter

November 13, 2017

I want to place a wodeen advent calender in my preschooler’s room, but, I am afraid he will try to play too roughly with it. Where can I find one built for children, that can actually be played with?
Many thanks. C.H.

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